Stand up paddle is a unique sport.

Participants use a paddle and large stable board to paddle in any water location being inland waterways, lakes, rivers, canals, dams, and coastal beaches.

SUP is not a surfing sport nor is it a canoe or surf ski sport. It’s a melding of all, with its own specialised equipment, skill and technique.

Its versatility of locations, minimal equipment needs, amazing fitness benefits and the ability for the whole family to participate make it one of the fastest-growing sports in the world today.


Stand up paddling appears to have been around for thousands of years.
There is evidence that ancient cultures in South America used watercraft with long sticks to travel, to fish and even in war

Modern-day SUP is said to have originated in the early 1940s in Hawaii, where stand up paddle surfing was used by surf instructors to get a better view of the surfers in the water and waves and to also take photos of their clients. It faded out of popularity as alternatives became available including such things as waterproof cameras, jet-skis etc.

SUP as we know it now, re-emerged in the year 2000 with the first known competitions taking place in 2004. It has since gained immense popularity

Current Day

Stand up paddling today is a versatile sport. The ways in which people can take to the water and the activities they partake in is wide and varied. Below are examples of each discipline. To find out more on the definitions of each paddling location see SUP Locations Definition

SUP Activities

Flat water paddling -inland locations
Coastal oceans
SUP Surfing
SUP Yoga
SUP Fitness
SUP Pilates
SUP Downwinding
SUP Tours with overnight stays
SUP Endurance races
SUP flat water races
SUP white water
SUP foiling

SUP Experiences

You can enjoy SUP in a variety of ways:

Taster session.
Introduction session.

Learn some skills and correct techniques and soon be stand up paddling like the pros!

Private Coaching
One-on-one coaching, ideal to work on your own style and paddling ability.

SUP Wise Learn to SUP Programs
SUP Wise courses take you step by step through the learning to increase your paddling skill.

Once you have mastered paddling and understand the water and weather conditions, you can rent a board and paddle with friends in approved and safe locations.

Social Paddles
Join in each week and paddle along with a group. Boards and paddles supplied by the SUP School. Or bring your own.

Develop your competition flat water paddling race skills or SUP surfing skills or endurance paddling skills.
Work with coaches who have first hand personal competition experience and successes in developing SUP champions.

Kids – After School Activities.
Ideal for kids. Offering a range of paddling activities.

Kids Camps
Offered throughout the year and in school holidays. Kids camps range from daily lessons and activities to weekend or weekly camps.

SUP Camps
SUP camps and retreats are for adults and provide accommodation at interesting paddling locations. Include SUP lessons, food packages, yoga and other activities.
They are a great way to get away from the stresses of every day life.
Wake up in beautiful countryside locations, with amazing waterways to explore, relaxing with your new SUP friends.
Accommodation options could be tents, glamping, and budget to luxury hotels.

SUP Tours
SUP Tours take you on an adventure. Paddle along amazing waterways, see historic sights and nature all around. Overnight tours see you paddling to your accommodation, then setting off paddling again the next day.
SUP Tours, may include accommodation, food, SUP lessons, and guiding.
Choose one day SUP tours, weekend tours to 10 days or more.
Camp under the stars, stay in backpacker houses or perhaps even put your feet up in luxury accommodation.

SUP Yoga
It’s the ideal way to experience yoga – on a SUP board with calm serene waters all around. A qualified SUP Yoga teacher will ensure you are performing modified SUP yoga poses with safety.

SUP Fitness (Personal Training)
Get out of the gym and start working out on a SUP board. A qualified SUP personal trainer guides you through fitness exercises specially adapted for the SUP board. The results are fantastic both physically and mentally!

SUP Paddle Fitness
There is no better way to get fit than an on water paddle program. Generally including, paddle-fast, slow, out of the water run on the shore, then back to paddling on the water, whilst completing a few sharp turns along the way! It’s a different type of fitness program that works a lot of your muscles and does wonders for stamina!