Do you need to know how to swim to paddle board?

The simple answer – yes you do.

If you fall into the water you will need to swim back to your board. You will be wearing a leash so the board will be close to you, however, you should still be able to swim.

At a minimum, you should be able to swim 50 metres with ease and without stopping.

I can swim but I am frightened of the water

If you are frightened of the water, you should not be stand up paddle boarding.

If you wear a buoyancy aid because you are frightened of the water then again, you should not be paddle boarding. Unfortunately, you will be a danger to yourself and to others.

However, not all is lost. By taking a lesson with an accredited SUP instructor you can begin to overcome your fears in a safe, secure environment. The instructor will be at your side the entire time. They will show you the correct paddling technique and how to fall correctly. They will also show you how to get back onto your board after a fall.

With an instructor, it is possible to build your confidence and SUP skills and overcome your fear of water.

Develop Swimming Skills

If you are looking to pursue paddle boarding, it is recommended that you take swimming lessons and develop your own skills as a swimmer. SUP is a water sport where you can become immersed in the water, so a good level of swimming ability is considered a must-have.