Supervised Rentals

Rental boards are offered by SUP Instructors or schools at a specified location within an allocated paddling area.

The SUP School instructor is in attendance at all times to ensure paddlers remain safe (on the shore or in the water).

The renter has flexibility to paddle within and around the specified paddling area.  

Unsupervised Rentals 

Unsupervised SUP rentals are a potential high risk of death and injury to self and others.


  • May not understand the hazards of SUP boards, leashes, water and weather
  • May have poor fitness, poor paddling ability and cannot get back to shore if there are strong currents or wind conditions suddenly change
  • Go to locations that are unsafe / unsuitable for SUP
  • Go to locations where SUP is not permitted
  • Go into the ocean and surf zone becoming a hazard to themselves and others
  • Go in conditions beyond their ability 
  • Go out in weather conditions not suitable for paddling (high winds, lightning)
  • Not wear a leash. Potential to become separated from their board and have to swim a long distance 

All renters should have some paddling experience prior to renting SUP boards.  


  • Provides rentals to people with some paddling experience 
  • Identifies suitable and safe paddling locations for unsupervised rentals
  • Provides the renter with paddling location maps and emergency response contact details 
  • Provide suitable rental boards, paddle and suitable leash and instruction on use of leash

The Renter: 

  • Confirms they have paddling experience and knowledge of wind and weather conditions
  • Confirms they can swim 50 metres (130 ft) 
  • Agrees to only paddle in the designated paddling areas
  • Agrees to paddle with a buddy (not alone) 
  • Agrees to wear the leash at all times