SUP Standards committees oversee and update the standards to ensure they are relevant for the industry.

Committee members:

Chris Kenyon: Chairperson

Based in the UK.

Chris has been a pioneer in developing the SUP scene in the UK, with SUP coaching and training and he helped create the SUP UK clubs and race events.  He is a SUP school owner of over 10 years, SUP instructor, trainer  and is a regular contributor to a number of SUP magazines.  

Michi Sotto

Based in the Philippines.

A recreational paddler and SUP School owner in the Philippines. She is a well known wedding fashion designer and took up SUP at a mature age for health benefits. Michi has been instrumental in promoting SUP throughout the Philippines, and being a role model for others to get into the sport as recreational paddlers and as SUP Instructors.

Tony Lee

Based in Singapore.

Tony has been actively involved in setting up SUP standards and coaching in Singapore. He is an experienced paddler and SUP Instructor. He is also Vice President of SUP discipline for the Singapore Canoe Federation, where he advises on safety, standards and organising SUP races.

Olivia Piana

Based in Portugal.

Olivia is an accomplished SUP race competitor and SUP instructor. Claiming three world titles in SUP racing.  She has been influential with the research and design of boards and paddles from a female perspective, and she has always been a champion of the importance of women in SUP.

Paul Byrne

Based in Ireland.

Experienced paddler, SUP instructor and SUP School owner. Has been involved in SUP since its early days in Ireland with training and coaching, organising SUP festivals, SUP races and SUP surf events. Paul also specialises in SUP surfing.  

Gina Bradley

Based in the New York, USA.  

Gina has been involved in SUP since its early days in the USA, leading the way with recreational paddling, SUP coaching and promoting safe SUP standards. She serves as a role model for others in the USA, having established a successful SUP School at the Hamptons NY and writing a motivational book around SUP. 

Glenn Eldridge

Based in the UK.

Glenn is an accomplished waterman having achieved national, European and world recognition in surf life-saving, ironman and sprint kayak competitions. Through natural progression, he has been involved in SUP since its early days. Holding a Masters in Sports Science with Honours, Glenn has also been a University lecturer. He specialises in SUP technique and analysis, and research into SUP technique and the human anatomy. He is a SUP Instructor and SUP School owner, with expert skills in downwinding, flat water racing, SUP surfing and foiling.

Rebecca Dunning

Based in Australia.   

An experienced personal fitness trainer, paddler, SUP instructor and school owner. She has won numerous business awards for her SUP School and contribution to the community through SUP activities, including SUP fitness programs.  Rebecca also works with people with special needs through SUP, with great success.

Damjan Mozina

Based in Slovenia.

Damjan has travelled the world stand up paddling. He is an experienced paddler, SUP instructor and SUP School owner. Back in his home country of Slovenia, Damjam has been instrumental in developing SUP. He has organised coaching and training in SUP skills and SUP safety standards, organised regular SUP race events, set up SUP clubs and organised SUP tours to various parts of the country. 

Melinda Behumi

Based in Qatar.

Melinda is an experienced paddler and SUP Instructor. She was one of the first to set up a SUP School in Doha, offering a range of activities and identifying safety standards in a environment that can get to 50C in the day! She is also experienced in SUP wellness and SUP Yoga.