SUP standards has produced a code of conduct for the recreational paddler to use, this is to ensure that the best advice is given to keep a recreational paddler safe on the water.

What is recreational paddling ?

A recreational paddler is somebody who paddle boards for the sheer enjoyment of it, they are not paddling for commercial gain or being held responsible for other paddle boarders who are with them on the water.

  1. Never paddle alone, always paddle with somebody else.
  2. Let someone know where you are going and for how long you will be there.
  3. Carry a mobile phone or VHF radio with you so that you can contact the emergency services if needed
  4. Check the weather conditions before you go out, if the weather is not suitable then don’t go. This should include wind and rainfall.
  5. Wear appropriate clothing to paddle in, this will depend upon the type of paddling you are doing and the location you are in.
  6. Always wear a leash, on flowing water a quick release waist belt should be worn.
  7. Consider the use of a buoyancy aid as a means of extra flotation.
  8. We recommend you can swim at least 50m competently before undertaking any kind of paddling activity.
  9. When selecting the right SUP equipment ensure that it is well made and of high quality, this applies to both ISUPs and hard boards.
  10. Get a lesson, not only you will paddle better you will also be a lot safer on the water.
  11. Where possible try and paddle in supervised locations, for example a beach with lifeguards.
  12. Respect other water users at all times.
  13. Respect the environment you are paddling in at all times.

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