During your time paddling it is highly likely that you might encounter some local birdlife in their own environment.

As much as the desire to get up close to these wonderful sights might be strong, it is vital that to ensure the safety and protection of native birdlife, some distance is kept.

A few points of note regarding birdlife.

  • Swans and geese can be very territorial, especially when protecting their young. They can and will attack you if they feel threatened! Be aware of them at all times and wherever possible, stay clear.
  • Many birds make their homes and nests in the sand, and shore areas. Always be aware of where you are stepping, particularly if exiting the water in areas more abundant in natural surroundings such as grassy banks and wooded locations. If you notice a nest or possibly even some eggs, give the nest a wide berth so as not to cause distress.
  • Do some research into nesting seasons for the birds in the area you regularly paddle. Avoid going too close to potential nesting areas during this time as the birds may be frightened off and leave their babies behind. Instead, enjoy the spectacle from the distance offered by your board on the water.
  • The above also applies to migrating birds. By finding out the details of the migration season for your local area and again, enjoy the wonderful natural spectacle from the deck of your board.
  • Do not create noise that will disturb birds and wildlife, as you may frighten them away.
  • If you take any animals such as dogs, make sure they are tied up safely, as they could frighten or kill local wildlife.

Paddle boarders are in a very privileged position of being able to truly engage with the natural world around them when it is at it’s most awe-inspiring best.

With mindfulness of the birdlife, wildlife and plant life around us we can continue to enjoy this spectacle and ensure it is there for future generations to also enjoy.