What is sup?

About Us

SUP Standards is dedicated to ensuring the rising sport of stand up paddle boarding is as safe an environment as possible for those taking to the water.

Our ethos is that safe stand up paddling is enjoyable paddling. To this end we have collaborated with leaders in the industry to offer a gold standard of advice for stand up paddlers.

Our mission is to continually review, develop, monitor and deliver the best practice at all times for the continued application of safe stand up paddling. SUP Standards will consistently seek to address the rapid evolution of stand up paddling as a mainstream sport and ensure advice and recommendations adhere to the ever-changing SUP landscape.

SUP Standards is supported by the Academy of Surfing Instructors.

ASI assist with administration and financial support. 

ASI is the worlds leading international training and accreditation organisation, in the areas of surfing, SUP and bodyboarding.